All defective and damaged PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be reported to the HVAC Supervisor and Safety Supervisor/Officer and will be supplied by us with new required/necessary PPE. A PRE PPE and Mini Risk Assessment inspection will be performed by every employee before any work will take place on any site. This Documentation is also kept at our company’s premises and available for viewing at any requested time by any of our Customers or their representatives. We supply our own equipment for any task needed to be done, whether for lifting purposes, harnessing, power-/electrical tools or any other. None of this equipment may be borrowed from our Customers and vice-versa. If the previous may be attempted by one of our Employees or Customers, it must immediately be reported to our Safety Officer and Legal procedures will be taken against the guilty parties. Please note that this is a given rule for our own and your safety as our customer in not being found guilty in attempting or to pursue in an act like this, or no responsibly/acceptance of any loss or damage in performing the task/duty with these borrowed equipment or tools or item and shall we as a company not be held liable for cost regarding the issue. All our tools and equipment will be and are tagged and in a safe working condition for prevention of any mishaps or injuries. A register will be kept of all active equipment and/or power tools and tools used on any project. This is also kept on premises and under the surveillance and safe keeping of our Safety Officer appointed.